Associated Faculty

  • Susana Draper

    Research interests: Contemporary Latin American literature, arts, and political theory; memory & human rights studies.

  • Nicola Cooney

    Research interests: Language, 19th century literature, Portugal, identity, female representation

  • Fernando Codá Marques

    Research interests: Mathematics; Differential Geometry; Geometric Partial Differential Equations; General Relativity

  • Michael Celia

    Research interests: Ecohydrology, ground-water hydrology, modelling flow in porous media, subsurface contaminant transport.

  • Eduardo Cadava

    Research interests: Literature, philosophy, war, citizenship and photography.

  • Sigrid Adriaenssens

    Research interests: life cycle design of new infrastructure; form-finding techniques and structural optimization.

  • Mario Gandelsonas

    Research interests: Architecture, Urban Studies, infrastructure, modernity and semiotics

  • Maria Gabriela Nouzeilles

    Research interests: Literary fictions of pathology, modern travel culture, photography, documentary film and memory

  • João Biehl

    Research interests: Medical and Political Anthropology; Critical Theory; Global Heath; Religion; Environmental Humanities.


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