Associated Faculty

  • Rachel Price

    Research interests: Cuba, slavery, aesthetics, technology, and digital media

  • Ana Menezes

    Research interests: Mathematics, Minimal Surface, Quotient Space, Isometry

  • Marília Librandi-Rocha

    Research interests: Luso-Brazilian literature, the novel, modern poetry, Native American and indigenous thought

  • Thomas Y. Levin

    Research interests: Frankfurt school, theory of film, media theory, sound studies and German cinema

  • Germán Labrador Méndez

    Research interests: Literary history, cultural history, memory studies, poetry and social movements

  • Matthew J. Karp

    Research interests: Slavery, politics, Atlantic world and the nineteenth-century United States

  • Javier Guerrero

    Research interests: Visual culture, sexuality, Latin America, the body and materiality

  • Reena Goldthree

    Research interests: Social movements, political theory, labor and migration, the Caribbean and feminism

  • Thomas Fujiwara

    Research interests: Political Economy, incentives, representation, voting, and policy


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