Associated Faculty

  • Frederick Wherry

    Research interests: Race, identity, citizenship, the market, inequality and debt

  • Stanley J. Stein

    Research interests: Colonialism and Postcolonialism, modern Latin America, slavery and Brazil

  • Irene V. Small

    Research interests: Developmentalism, abstraction, art theory, transnationalism and the Brazilian avant-garde

  • Martha A. Sandweiss

    Research interests: American West, photography, visual culture, public history and slavery

  • Carolyn Rouse

    Research interests: Race, development, resistance, medical anthropology and consciousness

  • Hendrik Lorenz

    Research interests: Ancient philosophy, knowledge, Aristotle, virtue, and ethics

  • Laurence Ralph

    Research interests: Urban anthropology, masculinity, race, disability and popular culture

  • Eric Larson

    Research interests: Conservation, energy systems, fuel, clean-energy and climate change.

  • Aisha M. Beliso-De Jesús

    Research interests: Police and policing, transnational religion, Afro-diaspora and Latinx communities, crime and race.

  • Jeremy I. Adelman

    Research interests: Global History; Latin America; Intellectual History; Interdependence.


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