Associated Faculty

  • Alisha Holland

    Research interests: Comparative Political Economy of Development; Urban Politics; Social Policy; Welfare; Migration.

  • Claudia Brodsky

    Research interests: Literature, Epistemology, and Philosophy; German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

  • Esther Schor

    Research interests: British Romanticism; and Literature, Scripture and Religion.

  • Michael Strauss

    Research interests: Extragalactic astronomy and observational cosmology; wide-field imaging and spectroscopic surveys.

  • Luis Gonçalves

    Research interests: Portuguese literature, identity, diaspora, migration and social movements

  • Nikolai Gorelenkov

    Research interests: Fast particle dynamics in plasmas, EP driven instabilities, plasma performance and QL wave-particle resonance

  • Helen Milner

    Research interests: Trade policy, foreign aid, international trade, environmental policy and globalization


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