Caio Ibsen Rodrigues de Almeida

Caio pic
  • Visiting Associate Professor of Economics and the Bendheim Center for Finance

Research interests: Asset pricing, risk management, options and other derivatives, credit risk models.

Matthew J. Karp

Karp photo
  • Assistant Professor of History
  • Elias Boudinot Bicentennial Preceptor

Research interests: Slavery, politics, Atlantic world and the nineteenth-century United States

Aly Kassam-Remtulla

LAly Kassam-Remtulla
  • Vice Provost for International Affairs and Operations

Karen Koller

Karen Koller profile photo
  • Finance Manager
Office: Louis A. Simpson International Building, Office 150

Stephen Kotkin, Ex Officio

Stephen Kotkin
  • John P. Birkelund Professor in History
  • Director of Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies
  • Co-Director of the Program in the History and Practice of Diplomacy

Emmanuel Kreike

Kreike photo
  • Professor of History

Research interests: War and violence, population displacement, environment, forests and Postcolonialism

Germán Labrador Méndez

Mendez Pic
  • Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

Research interests: Literary history, cultural history, memory studies, poetry and social movements

Miguel Lago

Miguel Lago
  • Executive Director, Instituto de Estudos para Políticas de Saúde

Eric Larson

Larson Pic
  • Senior Research Engineer, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

Research interests: Conservation, energy systems, fuel, clean-energy and climate change.

Ronaldo Lemos

Ronaldo Lemos
  • Founding Director, Institute for Technology and Society of Rio de Janeiro; Visiting Professor, Columbia University SPIA