Luciana Brito

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  • Professor of History, Universidade Federal do Recôncavo da Bahia

Claudia Brodsky

Claudia Brodsky

Research interests: Literature, Epistemology, and Philosophy; German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

Jennifer Cabral-Pierce

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  • Digital Imaging Technician, Princeton University Library

Eduardo Cadava

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  • Professor of English

Research interests: Literature, philosophy, war, citizenship and photography.

Vinicius Cardoso Reis

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  • Graduate Student, Department of Anthropology

Research interests: Political and Economic Anthropology, Statecraft, Uncertainty, Temporalities, Crises and Disasters.

Michael Celia

Celia Pic
  • Theodora Shelton Pitney Professor of Environmental Studies
  • Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Director, Princeton Environmental Institute

Research interests: Ecohydrology, ground-water hydrology, modelling flow in porous media, subsurface contaminant transport.

Fernando Codá Marques

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  • Professor of Mathematics

Research interests: Mathematics; Differential Geometry; Geometric Partial Differential Equations; General Relativity

César Colón-Montijo

César Colón-Montijo
  • Presidential Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Spanish and Portuguese

Research interests: Latinx media and cultural studies, production and reception of popular song, music, print and non-print texts...

Nicola Cooney

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  • Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Portuguese
  • Director, Portuguese Language Program

Research interests: Language, 19th century literature, Portugal, identity, female representation

Lauren Coyle Rosen

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  • Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Research interests: Comparative religion and spirituality, aesthetics and consciousness, subjectivity and epistemology, critical...