Associated Faculty

Nicola Cooney

Cooney Pic
  • Senior Lecturer in Spanish and Portuguese
  • Director, Portuguese Language Program

Research interests: Language, 19th century literature, Portugal, identity, female representation

Andréa de Castro Melloni

Andrea Melloni
  • Lecturer, Spanish and Portuguese

Research Interests: Portuguese as Second Language, Language Teaching for Migrants and Refugees in Brazil.

Arcadio Díaz-Quiñones

Diaz photo
  • Emory L. Ford Professor of Spanish, Emeritus
  • Professor of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Cultures, Emeritus

Research interests: Spanish-American literature, fiction, poetry, memory and the Caribbean

Susana Draper

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  • Associate Professor of Comparative Literature

Research interests: Contemporary Latin American literature, arts, and political theory; memory & human rights studies.

Cristina Freire

  • Visiting Research Scholar and Visiting Professor Program in Latin American Studies (2018-2019)

Thomas Fujiwara

Thomas Fujiwara
  • Associate Professor of Economics
  • Brazil LAB Associate Director
  • Acting Director 2020-2021

Research interests: Political Economy, incentives, representation, voting, and policy

Office: 131 Julis Romo Rabinowitz Building

Mario Gandelsonas

Mario Gandelsonas
  • Professor of Architectural Design
  • Class of 1913 Lecturer in Architecture

Research interests: Architecture, Urban Studies, infrastructure, modernity and semiotics

Reena Goldthree

Goldthree photo
  • Assistant Professor of African American Studies

Research interests: Social movements, political theory, labor and migration, the Caribbean and feminism

Luis Gonçalves

Luis Goncalves
  • Lecturer, Spanish and Portuguese

Research interests: Portuguese literature, identity, diaspora, migration and social movements

Nikolai Gorelenkov

Nikolai Gorelenkov
  • Principal Research Physicist; Deputy Head, Theory Department, PPPL

Research interests: Fast particle dynamics in plasmas, EP driven instabilities, plasma performance and QL wave-particle resonance...