Associated Faculty

Hanna Garth

Hanna Garth profile photo
  • Assistant Professor of Anthropology

Research interests: Anthropology of Food; Consumption; Inequality; Medical Anthropology; Race and Racism.

Reena Goldthree

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  • Assistant Professor of African American Studies

Research interests: Social movements, political theory, labor and migration, the Caribbean and feminism

Luis Gonçalves

Luis Goncalves
  • Lecturer, Spanish and Portuguese

Research interests: Portuguese literature, identity, diaspora, migration and social movements

Nikolai Gorelenkov

Nikolai Gorelenkov
  • Principal Research Physicist; Deputy Head, Theory Department, PPPL

Research interests: Fast particle dynamics in plasmas, EP driven instabilities, plasma performance and QL wave-particle resonance...

Javier Guerrero

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  • Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

Research interests: Visual culture, sexuality, Latin America, the body and materiality

Caio Ibsen Rodrigues de Almeida

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  • Visiting Associate Professor of Economics and the Bendheim Center for Finance

Research interests: Asset pricing, risk management, options and other derivatives, credit risk models.

Matthew J. Karp

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  • Associate Professor of History

Research interests: Slavery, politics, Atlantic world and the nineteenth-century United States

Emmanuel Kreike

Kreike photo
  • Professor of History

Research interests: War and violence, population displacement, environment, forests and Postcolonialism

Germán Labrador Méndez

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  • Associate Professor of Spanish and Portuguese

Research interests: Literary history, cultural history, memory studies, poetry and social movements

Eric Larson

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  • Senior Research Engineer, Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

Research interests: Conservation, energy systems, fuel, clean-energy and climate change.