Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez

Fernando Acosta-Rodríguez
  • Librarian for Latin American Studies, Latino Studies, and Iberian Peninsular Studies

Jeremy I. Adelman

Adelman Pic
  • Henry Charles Lea Professor of History

Research interests: Global History; Latin America; Intellectual History; Interdependence.

Sigrid Adriaenssens

Sigrids photo
  • Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Director, Program in Mechanics, Materials and Structures, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Research interests: life cycle design of new infrastructure; form-finding techniques and structural optimization.

Hugo Aguilaniu

Hugo Aguilaniu
  • President, Instituto Serrapilheira

Lucas Alegretti Prates

Lucas Allegretti Prates profile photo
  • PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology

Research interests: Legal and Political Anthropology; Indigenous Cosmologies and Environmental Justice.

Silvio Almeida

Silvio Almeida profile photo
  • Professor of Law, Getúlio Vargas Foundation and Mackenzie Presbyterian University

Joseph Amon

Joseph Amon profile photo
  • Clinical Professor and Director of the Office of Global Health, Drexel University

Juliano Assunção

Juliano Assunção's profile photo
  • Professor of Economics, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro
  • Director, Climate Policy Initiative Brazil

José Ricardo Ayres

José Ricardo Ayres
  • Professor, Department of Preventive Medicine of the School of Medicine, USP

Tasso Azevedo

Tasso Azevedo
  • Coordinator of the SEEG Network and MapBiomas