A world without the Amazon? Safeguarding the Earth’s largest rainforest is focus of Princeton conference

Oct. 23, 2019

The conference “Amazonian Leapfrogging: Long-term Vision for Safeguarding the Amazon for Brazil and the Planet” took place at Princeton Oct. 17-18 and offered an opportunity for multiple stakeholders and Princeton scholars to discuss an alternative vision for the Brazilian Amazon, which is threatened by illegal deforestation, fires and socioeconomic inequality. 

The conference was organized by the Brazil LAB, together with the Princeton Institute of International and Regional Studies and the Princeton Environmental Institute, and was co-sponsored by the University Center for Human Values and the Program in Latin American Studies.

See Princeton University website lead story here.

See also the story by the journalists João Moreira Salles (Brazil LAB advisory board member) and Bernardo Esteves "The World without the Amazon," published in the Brazilian magazine Piauí.

The acclaimed Brazilian director Estevão Ciavatta prepared the short documentary film Amazonia: The Last Frontier for the Brazil LAB conference.