Recalling the life and legacy of political activist Marielle Franco

March 13, 2020

The Brazil LAB has assembled this tribute to the Brazilian councilwoman and political activist Marielle Franco, known for defending women’s rights and black, LGBT+ and favela communities in Rio de Janeiro.
Franco was brutally assassinated two years ago on March 14. The question of who ordered her killing remains unanswered.
We want to reiterate the centrality of Marielle Franco’s legacy for new social justice movements and democratic resistance in Brazil and beyond.
The Brazil LAB and all participants of last years’ Princeton conference on Black Feminisms across the Americas (including Marielle’s widow Mônica Benício and the iconic activist Angela Davis), stand in solidarity with Marielle’s family and friends and her critical vision.
See excerpts from Angela Davis’ powerfully moving comments about Marielle’s legacy and the short film “I Will Not Be Interrupted” with testimonies from Marielle’s loved ones.