New article on Boe (Bororo) funerary ritual by Marilia Librandi published on the Brazil LAB + Nexo Public Policies platform

Thursday, Dec 2, 2021

The Brazil LAB has just published on its Nexo Public Policies platform the article “‘Projeto Bakaru e o ritual fúnebre na aldeia Meruri” by affiliated scholar Marilia Librandi. The article addresses the resurgence, after more than 50 years, of the funerary ritual among the Boe (Bororo) in the village of Meruri, Mato Grosso. Librandi argues how the engagement of some indigenous people in the Bakaru project, an initiative at the University of São Paulo of which Brazil LAB is a partner, was fundamental for the realization of this ritual. The article is available here, and more information about the Bakaru project can be found here.