Listen to the second episode of the podcast partnership between the Brazil LAB and Rádio Novelo

Written by
Fabio Zuker
Nov. 20, 2023

The Brazil LAB announces a partnership with Rádio Novelo Apresenta for the production of five narrative podcasts based on the work developed by the LAB’s exciting research hubs. In Portuguese, the second episode Tanaru retells the story of the “man of the hole,”, the last Indigenous person of his people to survive genocide.

Launched a year ago, Rádio Novelo Apresenta is a podcast that brings diverse and impactful stories, based on investigations and studies of pressing issues of interest to the general public. Hosted by Branca Vianna, the podcast releases new episodes every Thursday. Like a sound magazine, the episodes feature independent stories that can be listened to in any order. The podcast has an average of 100,000 weekly downloads and has already had over 4.7 million downloads since its first episode.

In Tanaru, Fábio Zuker, postdoctoral fellow at the Brazil LAB and HMEI, narrates that in the mid-80s, anthropologist Vincent Carelli was beginning the “Video in the Villages” project – an experiment that consisted of involving Indigenous people in the process of documenting their lives and cultures, and showing the images to them soon after they were captured. In the middle of filming, he received a request: that he take a camera to a farm in the region, in an attempt to document a massacre. It was there that a decades-long story began, the saga of a character who did everything he could to not be documented – but whose existence needed to be proven so that he could continue to survive. By interviewing Brazil LAB affiliate scholar Carolina Levis, the episode also brings a reflection of how Indigenous groups have cultivated the biodiversity of the forest over thousands of years; a phenomenon she calls cultural forests.

Listen to the episode on your favorite podcast player, or access it on the Rádio Novelo website.

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