Indigenous Land Dispossession and Food Insecurity

Feb. 8, 2024

FIAN Brazil, a leading non-profit co-directed by Anthropology graduate student Lucas Prates (Brazil LAB Graduate Fellow), published a pioneering report linking Brazilian Indigenous peoples’ land dispossession to food insecurity. The publication prompted a news story in Folha de S.Paulo, Brazil’s major newspaper. The story can be read here (in Portuguese).

“This research, carried out alongside Indigenous organizations, gives us crucial quantitative data to better understand and act on the pressing challenges related to fundamental human rights in Brazil today. Given the global reach of our agrarian economy, the results also help us to reflect about inequalities in food and land systems found elsewhere in the world. In short: I am really proud of everyone’s work with this research,” said Lucas, who is currently serving in the board of FIAN Brazil.

A summarized version of the research, in English, is available here.