The Covid-19 Pandemic in Brazil

March 24, 2020

The Brazil LAB is following closely the developments of the covid-19 pandemic in Brazil. Members of our wonderful community have been participating in the public debate about the increasingly difficult situation. 

Marcelo Medeiros (Brazil LAB Fellow and PLAS Visiting Professor) has been an active voice proposing alternative social welfare policies. He was recently interviewed by BBC and published an op-ed in The Intercept.

Our advisory board member Arminio Fraga shared his thoughts about the macro-economic and social impacts of the pandemic during two interviews for GloboNews and TV Cultura.

The Institute for Health Policy Studies (IEPS — a partner of the LAB, presided by Arminio Fraga and directed by Miguel Lago) has been producing several op-eds (Americas Quarterly, The New York Times, BBC and Folha) and policy memos on Covid-19 and the country’s precarious public health preparedness. IEPS also launched an online tool for municipal governments across the country.

Lilia M. Schwarcz, Princeton Visiting Professor and an advisory board member, shared her thoughts on literature during quarantine times (see Nexo).

The trailblazing social scientists and activists Alessandra Orofino, Débora Diniz, and Luciana Brito voiced their critical insightson coronavirus and social inequality in Brazil.

Monica de Bolle, a fantastic Brazilian economist (currently at the Paterson Institute in DC) is publishing daily critical reflections on her YouTube channel. She will be opening our Fall 2020 colloquium series in September.