Brazil LAB Visual Identity created by Lula Rocha

Written by
Brazil LAB
Sept. 30, 2018

Brazil LAB is grateful to Brazilian designer Lula Rocha for creating the thoughtful and vibrant LAB symbol and logo, which encapsulates the LAB’s emergent ethos of inquiry, collaboration, and flourishing. Drawing upon the flower and seed of the Paubrasilia, or Brazilwood tree, the visual theme recalls that the country name of Brazil emanates from ‘Terra do Brazil,’ of the ‘Land of the Brazilwood.’ Each striking color of the theme – red, yellow, orange and black – hearkens to a part of the tropical seed and flower. Bringing these elements together represents an effort to rethink and transform Brazil’s original colonial extractivist project as an open-ended puzzle in diverse forms, hues and movements. Similarly, students and scholars in the LAB engage in novel research, study and collaborations where history, politics, culture, environment and international connections entangle in critical and generative ways.

Visual Identity

Brazil Lab logo in red