• “I am because we are”: Marielle Franco’s Mighty Legacy

    Monday, May 20, 2019

    On March 14th, exactly a year after her assassination, the Brazil LAB organized a tribute to councilwoman and political activist Marielle Franco, known for defending women’s rights and black, LGBT+ and favela communities in Rio de Janeiro. “Black Feminisms across the Americas” started off with the screening of the documentary “I Will Not Be Interrupted,” by Débora McDowell and Jamille Pinheiro Dias. The powerful short film is based on testimonies from women who knew and worked with Marielle in the Maré community and beyond.

  • Princeton Students Create "Indigenous Brazil" Website

    Tuesday, Feb 5, 2019

    As part of the course Indigenous Brazil, headed by professor Marília Librandi (Department of Spanish and Portuguese), Princeton undergraduate students created a website to celebrate and educate others about Brazil's indigenous peoples. The innovative website, also entitled Indigenous Brazilcompiles students' research on the history and culture of several indigenous groups, and is published in Portuguese.  

  • Reading Aristotle Across the Americas

    Monday, Jan 28, 2019

    Brazil LAB associate Hendrik Lorenz, Professor of Philosophy at Princeton, has led a wonderful workshop on Aristotle’s Categories in Princeton (January, 18-20 2019), bringing together philosophers from Brazil, Mexico and the United States. This critical reading event was part of an ongoing scholarly network that Lorenz heads in collaboration with scholars from the Universidade de São Paulo (USP) and Universidade Panamericana (Mexico). The next workshop in the series will take place in São Paulo in January 2020.


  • "A Sense of Brazil" Celebrates Brazilian Food and Music

    Wednesday, Nov 21, 2018

    On November 15, the Brazil LAB hosted "A Sense of Brazil" as part of the International Education Week at Princeton. Brazilian artist and friend of the LAB, Marcelo Noah, entertained the crowd with a diverse array of Brazilian classics. The reception featured popular Brazilian treats such as coxinha, pastel and pão de queijo

  • Ronilso Pacheco and Juliana Victoriano Discuss Religion and Violence in Brazilian Politics

    Monday, Nov 19, 2018

    On November 13th, the Brazil LAB hosted a discussion on the influence of religion--specifically the evangelical churches--and violence on Brazilian politics. The talk featured theologian, minister, and human rights activist Ronilso Pacheco and lawyer Juliana Victoriano, both from Rio de Janeiro. Raimundo Barreto, Assistant Professor of World Christianity at Princeton Theological Seminary acted as discussant. 

  • Acclaimed filmmaker Maria Augusta Ramos screens The Trial at the Brazil LAB

    Wednesday, Nov 7, 2018

    On October 22, the Brazil LAB invited the award-winning filmmaker Maria Ramos to screen and discuss her newest documentary, The Trial (O Processo). The provocative film provides a behind-the-scenes look at the impeachment proceedings of President Dilma Roussef in 2016. Ramos' work captures the tense mood (both in the streets and behind closed doors in Brasilia) during one of the most significant events in Brazil's modern history. 


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